Styrofoam packaging

Styrofoam for
protection of products

Styrofoam element for product protection from damaging proved to be the best material in terms of price and obtained results.

Besides styrofoam that can be cut in all desired dimensions and shapes, we also have the most commonly used angles for product protection, as well as styrofoam boxes for glass bottles packing.

Features and benefits:
What distinguish Čar company from other manufacturers is its commitment to packaging protection and ability to adapt to all customer requirements. In addition to this, we can produce both small and large series of various dimensions and shapes within short deadlines.

With our assortment, we are particularly focused on the furniture industry, military industry as well as all other branches where styrofoam is a necessary element to prevent any damage.

Besides styrofoam, that is used to protect products from damage, we are also able to offer the following:

EPE foil

EPE packaging foil in various thicknesses suitable for packaging and protection of all types of products such as furniture, glass, ceramics, electrical appliances, etc.

Air-bubble film

Air-bubble film that can be used for packaging and protection of all types of products; furniture, glass, ceramics, electrical appliances, musical instruments, office supplies, etc.

EPE profiles

EPE profiles can be used to protect different types of products: furniture, glass, metal, bathroom equipment, metal products, plastic products, etc.